TEVO Tornado printer

TEVO Tornado printer

As per increasing demands, various brand has started manufacturing 3D printers. In this article, I am reviewing my favorite TEVO Tornado printer. It is recommended to read the full article below to know each and everything about this specific product.

Key Specifications

  •         Printer Model: Tevo Tornado
  •         Printing Volume: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm
  •          Product Dimension: 19.69” x 23.62” x 24.41”
  •          Product Weight: 29 lbs         Printing speed: 150mm/s (max)
  •          Layer Resolution: 50 microns- 300 microns
  •          Filament Diameter :1.75mm
  •         Printer Frame Material: Aluminium
  •         LCD Screen: Included
  •          Pre-assembled: No
  •          Extruder Type: E3D Bowden Long Distance Extruder
  •          Automatic Levelling Feature: Optional
  •          Power Supply: 110-220V
  • Product Technical Specifications

This printer is basically the CR10’s twin with couple of outstanding enhancements. The heatbed utilizes AC voltage meaning current passes through voltage regulator instead of main board which makes the bed heat extremely fast. By comparison, the Anet E12 bed of a similar size warms up in 34 minutes, though the Tornado achieves a similar temperature in less than 3 minutes. Likewise, the protection under the heat-bed spares energy.

Easy to Assemble

There are few tool included in the box such as sharp bed scrapper and some Allen wrenches because it is quite easy to assemble and doesn’t require many tools for assembly. While using scrapper you have to be careful because the bed surface is made of buildtack material and the harsh scrapper use can damage it. As mentioned before it is easy to assemble and need 12 screws total for that.

It shipped in three large pieces

·         Control box

·         Base

·         Upper x-axis and z-axis

Included SD Card

The documents on the included SD card are entirely standard. Two or three printer parts are in Gcode and stl format. Additionally included, is a duplicate of the Free Repetier Host which I for one don’t care for since more often than not software like this is obsolete. Cura 14 is regularly included with printers, however it is exceptionally outdated. The guide provide the user URLs to free software, it even incorporates the Tornado config for the Slic3r software. Last, however not minimum, is the client manual in pdf document.


I personally don’t like the Repetier-Host software on the SD card. It hosts a slicer engine. A slicer is the program that cuts the 3D protest into layers, at that point transforms it into instructions the printer can get it. I personally recommend Cura or Slic3r if you need a free software, however if you can bear than i recommend to go with simplify3D.

Print Quality

While working with Tevo Tornado I was expecting something outstanding, and because of the result I have to say that it wasn’t let me down. I have test number of different filaments and every time the result was exceptional.



  • Excellent in performance
  • Heat bed heats up quickly
  • Reliable and versatile
  • Excellent print quality


  • No auto-levelling sensor (optional)


This Tivo Tornado is an excellent 3D printer. Its versatility and consistency in performance make it reliable. Quite affordable in price and gives good value for money. Don’t hesitate and make this product you prior choice.

We highly recommend this product!



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