New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer

New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer

There are numerous 3D printers available in the market. We have seen the consumer’s market is filled with beginner level products.  I am always looking for the great 3D printer at reasonable prices practically for everyone, especially for beginners. The New Matter MOD-t 3D printer is the great find in this quest. The product look and elegant industrial design compelled me to review this product. In this article, I’ll tell you each and everything about this excellent product. Make sure to read the full article because this will help you for making the right decision.

Product Specification

  • Almost pre-assembled very minor assembly required
  • Features pre-enabled wifi, no need to connect Smartphone or computer
  • Product Resolution: 50 microns
  • Compatible Filament: PLA

Product Overview

Almost two months ago I have purchased this 3D printer, the unboxing was a quite pleasant experience, a well-protected printer body almost require no assembly and well-organized setup, well label boxes for the minor parts that required to be assembled and tools which comes with the device.

Assembly and Setup

The clear instructions directed to their website to get fully set up. After setting the software I was directed to download the further updates. There are few bumps in setup; it’s slightly complex because it isn’t controlled by computer program like the most 3D printer, it controlled by web interface—a parts of New Matter web store.

You need to turn it on and attach it to a computer over USB running the New Matter programming, after unpack-aging the MOD-T. That thus associates with the printer, sets it to join your wireless system and sets you up with New Matter Store account to control the printer. When this is done, you can detach the USB connection, as it isn’t required again. After this setup is finished and the printer is enrolled, you can begin printing through web interface after loading the filament. No need to run the application on your mobile or computer to runs the procedure.

Ease of Use

Once your model is prepared to print, you select one of the three quality presets and press print. The model is then spooled out to the Mod-T by the print server that New Matter runs ― you don’t need to remain on the web or leave the computer turned on. A single button press on the front of the printer affirms that it is prepared to go, and the printing begins.

The web interface is quite easy to work and offers the vast majority of the features that operators need. And in addition, the print quality presets, you can get to advance settings to control setting.

Printing Process

The printing process is also very easy and quite interesting. It generates a gentle sound while working, the sound is not much irritating due to the plastic cover of the printer. You can still hear that sound from a room or two away.

Like many other, it also creates problem sometimes, when the print didn’t stick to bed properly or a bit of loose filament got stuck into printer’s head.



  • Easy to use
  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy to work web interface
  • Minor assembly required


  • Sometimes create problem while printing


Despite a little occasional printing drawback, this New Matter Mod-t is an excellent product to use. It is accurate, simple to setup and operates, noiseless in operation and solidly built. No doubt this product is reliable and highly recommended.

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